Responsible Scarborough Pet Boarding

If you’re taking a much-needed vacation or leaving on an important business trip and need a safe place to keep your pets, we have them covered. At Amherst Veterinary Hospital, our animal-loving team can provide overnight pet boarding in our comfortable facilities for short or long-term care. We are an attentive and compassionate team ready to handle your pet’s needs while making their stay safe and stress-free.

Our practice has years of experience handling pets of various sizes, ages, temperaments, and breeds. We will take ample time to understand their unique needs, struggles, and attributes so we can provide all the special care they need to feel comfortable and at home while you enjoy time away. We offer services to cats, dogs, bunnies, and birds, and you can remain confident that your beloved animal companions are in good hands. Our dependable Scarborough medical pet boarding will see your loved ones treated like family at all times. Contact us today to book a stay!

Our Welcoming Boarding Facilities

We know you will miss your pets while away, and they will certainly miss you, too. Many pets are prone to homesickness and may experience some anxiety while staying for extended periods in a foreign place full of strangers and other animals. Rest assured, our loving team has years of experience meeting the needs of all pets. We are passionate about the safety and well-being of animals, striving to keep your pets safe and stress-free throughout their time with us.

We know cats, smaller dogs, and bunnies are especially prone to anxiety. Our thoughtful team keeps cats, dogs, and other smaller animals separate in our facilities, further separating by breed and temperament. This helps smaller animals feel relaxed, as no smells, sounds, or sights of other larger animals will trigger stress.

Dedicated to a Safe & Enjoyable Stay

Our veterinary hospital is committed to treating your pets like our own, helping them relax and enjoy their stay with us. Your pets will receive ample walks and outdoor time, allowing them to frolic and play during the day and enjoy some sunshine. When your pets are in our comfortable facilities, we will give them any necessary medications, special treatments, and daily routines they need, according to your careful instructions as the pet owner. We will provide your pets with meals throughout the day unless given special food and diet restrictions beforehand. All animals must be current on their vaccinations to be accepted by our pet boarding services for the safety of others staying under our roof.

Medical Pet Boarding FAQ

We know you’re a doting pet parent who worries about the health and well-being of your beloved animal companion. Our trained and experienced veterinary team is dedicated to making you and your pets feel secure. We are a friendly group of veterinarians and staff ready to address any questions or concerns you may have upon arriving at our facilities. Questions we frequently get asked regarding pet boarding services include:

Can I get updates about my pets during the day?

Yes. If you’d like an update on your pet, feel free to contact our practice during the day, and we will answer any questions you have. In the unlikely chance there is an emergency, we will immediately contact you via the emergency contact information we will ask you to provide us before pet boarding.

How should I prepare for my pet's stay?

Contact us and discuss with one of our friendly and attentive staff members any information you feel we should know beforehand. This helps our team create a daily program for your pet to best maintain their health and well-being when in our care.

Is there a veterinarian on-site at all times?

During our normal business hours, our team will be available to provide exams and a broad range of treatments should your pet need assistance during their stay with us. In the unlikely chance your pet requires urgent care while you’re away, our veterinarians can provide sick pet exams and prompt emergency services.

Exceptional Scarborough Pet Boarding

At Amherst Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to keeping your pets safe, healthy, and in good spirits while you’re away. Our skilled and trusted veterinary practice has been helping local pets for decades while affording their families peace of mind they are always in good hands. We serve our community with a friendly demeanor and responsible pet boarding services that will see your beloved animal companions treated like family until your return.

Let our reliable Scarborough pet medical boarding take the burden of finding a pet sitter off your shoulders so you can enjoy some much-needed vacation time or take care of business. Call our office today to consult with our clinic so we can provide the best pet boarding care possible!